Danger Ducklings
Danger Ducklings is a game created during the MassDiGI Summer Innovation Program in 2020. It is a puzzle game about helping two ducklings get through their 9-5. Because they're young workers, they think every instruction you give one of them is for both of them! Navigate them cautiously to avoid all sorts of asymmetrical, grid based workplace hazards. Available to play and download on the App Store and Google Play. 
Poof the Floof
Created in the Fall of 2020 within the Brown-RISD Game Developers club (BRGD). In this 2D isometric environment, poof the sheep imposters off the screen in this rapid-fire clicking game!
Available to download game here
Flavor Knight
Flavor Knight is a game created by my team within the Brown-RISD Game Developers club. Play it as a knight moving through a maze like dungeon, slaying monstrous food creatures and solving puzzles throughout the levels. Obtain the ingredients from the slain monsters to make the delicious recipes in order to progress. Created in Spring of 2020.
Available to download game here
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